Importing customer contacts - error messages

Here is a list of error messages that may occur while importing customer contacts and how to fix them.

If you are unsure of the file format required when importing from Excel, download our Excel template from Reveal’s Import customer contacts section.


Error message: File too large
The file you are trying to upload is too large. You can only import a maximum of 10,000 contacts per file.
These are the maximum file sizes, per file type:

  • CSV: 20 MB
  • XLS: 10 MB
  • XLSX: 5 MB

What to do
Cut and paste some contacts into another file or files, so they are not above the maximum file size.


Error message: Incorrect file type
For your import to be successful, you must use Excel (XLSX or XLS) or CSV (UTF-8) files.

What to do

  • Download the Excel template from the Import customer contacts section of Reveal.
  • Copy and paste the data across to the template.
  • Save it to your device.
  • Select UPLOAD FILE.


Error message: The file has more than one sheet
All files being imported must have a single sheet.

What to do
Open the file, copy any information you want to import onto one sheet and delete the other sheets.


Error message: The file has the same column heading twice
The file you uploaded has the same column header more than once, for example the column header Email is used twice in the document.

What to do
Open the file and rename any column heading that appear more than once. Try to upload again.


Error message: The file does not have enough columns
The minimum number of columns needed to import contacts is two.

What to do
Open the file and ensure the file has more than two columns.


Error message: The file is missing content
The file you tried to upload is empty, or just the first row or column is empty.

What to do
Open the file and ensure the customer details are saved in the file, and that the first row or column are not empty. Upload the file again.


Error message: The country code is not supported
Currently, Reveal Field only supports the following country codes:

  • +1 (Canada)
  • +1 (USA)
  • +31 (Netherlands)
  • +32 (Belgium)
  • +33 (France)
  • +34 (Spain)
  • +39 (Italy)
  • +41 (Switzerland)
  • +43 (Austria)
  • +44 (UK)
  • +48 (Poland)
  • +49 (Germany)
  • +52 (Mexico)
  • +56 (Chile)
  • +61 (Australia)
  • +64 (New Zealand)
  • +351 (Portugal)
  • +353 (Ireland)

What to do
Remove any Country Codes which are not included above and try again.

Error message: Import failed due to incorrect contact details. Please examine the file and try again.

What's the issue?

The file being uploaded is in a compressed format and therefore cannot be recognised.

Actions to take
Open the file in Microsoft Excel, save it as a XLS, XLSX, or CSV file, and then upload that file. Do not upload a zip or any other compressed file.

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