Choose the best technician for the job

The Smart recommendations feature suggests which available technician is best placed to help the customer. It does so by tracking your technicians’ locations and schedules.

It can also check to see if a technician has a specific skill that the job requires, or if they have previous experience with the customer.

Add Technician Field

To calculate travel time, Smart recommendations can use various locations.

For the first and last appointments of a day, it can use the technician’s home address or your company address.

During the day, it can use the addresses for the previous and next appointments scheduled for the technician.

It can also use Vehicle Location to track the technician as they move between jobs.

Sorting Options Display

We recommend that you add your company address to the system. If your technicians don’t start and end their day at the office, you should add their addresses too.


To add company location, see Company address.

To add technician’s address, see Technician address.

To learn more about this, read the Smart recommendations overview.

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