View past and pending jobs for a contact

When you create a new job for a contact, you can review all of the past jobs where that contact was listed as the primary contact. This lets you quickly assess what kind of work the new job will involve, and make sure that your technician has all the information that they need.


When you click on VIEW PAST JOBS and select the job that you wish to view, the job you’re creating will minimise automatically. It will remain open though, so you can edit your new job as you review the past ones.


If there are additional contacts associated with the job, you can review past jobs done for them as well. This lets you get an overview of all related jobs.

To do this, just mark the contact as Primary by clicking the button beneath them.


If you don’t want to see all of the past jobs for your selected contact, you can use the Timeframe drop-down to show past jobs for a specific period.


There may also be draft jobs associated with the contact that have not been dispatched. To review these jobs, change your filter from Scheduled to Pending.


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