View support cases

This article describes how to view the support cases that you have raised with Verizon Connect.

To view your support cases:

  1. In Reveal, click on your user icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. Click MY ACCOUNT.

  3. From the My Account landing page, under Need help with Reveal?, click View support cases. A new browser tab opens.

  4. Make sure the Support Cases tab is selected in the menu on the left.

  5. A list of your support cases is shown. It lists all active cases belonging to your account and all cases that were closed in the last 90 days.


    You can narrow down the list of support cases by starting to enter a case number or a search term. The list is updated in real-time to show only those cases that contain the number in the Case Number field or the search term in the Subject or Details fields.


    You can enter or select a date to show only the cases that were created on the specified day.


    You can select a status from the list to show only the cases with the selected status.

  6. Click on a case number in the list to view more details about a particular case.


Create or close support cases

For information on how to create a support case, see create a new support case.

You can request to close cases with a status of "New" or "Assigned". To do this:

  1. Search for the support case in the list, or use the Search box to find it. Then click on the case number.

  2. Under the summary of the support case, on the right side of the screen, click CLOSE CASE. This button is shown only if the case has a status of "New" or "Assigned".

  3. Click CLOSE CASE in the dialog box. You can’t reopen cases that you have closed.


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