Reveal updates: September 2023


Welcome to the September 2023 edition of Reveal updates. This month we talk about our new animated thumbnail videos for driver-facing cameras and Live Map VTU and asset tracker limit increase. Read on to find out more.


Recently released

Driver-facing camera animated thumbnails

The Driver List for Integrated Video has a new enhancement with animated driver-facing thumbnails. This works in the same way as road-facing thumbnails where you can hover over an event in the Driver List to see a brief animation of the footage for events triggered by the driver-facing camera, including tiredness, distraction, smoking and phone call detection.

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Live Map: VTU and asset tracker limit increase

To enhance your experience as you monitor your fleet in Live Map, the number of VTU and asset trackers which can be seen on Live Map has now automatically increased to 2,500 units from a previous limit of 500. Also, large fleets with over 500 vehicles and assets will be clustered. Clustering turns on by default but can be turned off as per the help centre article here.

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