Reveal updates: January 2024


Welcome to the January 2024 edition of Reveal updates. This month we talk about the 2024 Fleet Trends Report, new EV Self-Service APIs, our Dynamon integration and support case visibility improvements. Read on to find out more.


Recently released

The 2024 Fleet Trends Report is now available

The 2024 Fleet Technology Trends Report reveals key data showing how GPS solutions are helping fleets overcome challenges, promote safety and streamline operations.

Did you know that 94% of fleets using GPS fleet tracking software find it to be beneficial?

Find out why. Download the report to find out more about how organizations of all sizes in various industries are cutting costs, improving productivity and getting a positive ROI with fleet management software.

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EV Self-Service APIs

You can now share electric vehicle (EVs) specific data with third parties via Reveal’s self-service APIs. With this update, if you have started to electrify your fleet you can now work with third parties to enhance business processes associated with your EV fleet. Third parties will be able to pull three different types of data associated with EVs from the Reveal APIs:

  • Charging: Shows when a compatible EV is charging or not charging
  • Battery Percentage: Shows the battery percentage left in an electric vehicle
  • Fuel Type: Shows whether a vehicle is electric, gasoline, or diesel powered

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Support case visibility improvements

There are now more ways to manage your support cases online. You can check case statuses and request to close your cases within the Customer Portal. We've made several updates to the functionality including more dates and times regarding status changes, allowing you to request to close a case (for duplicates or no longer needed) and add comments to attached files. Also, color coded case status makes it easier for you to review case status at a quick glance:

  • “Awaiting your reply” status highlights case progress and customer next steps
  • “Subject” column with search capabilities enables you to quickly find cases based on the subject of the case
  • “Updated” column & in-case activity thread provides additional methods to track case progress

Lastly, we have enhanced basic user access where admins no longer need to grant access for basic users to see support cases.

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Dynamon integration

Dynamon is our latest Verizon Connect Reveal integrated partner. The integration allows you to utilize your existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle data to build a comprehensive electrification strategy for your fleet. Click below to visit the Marketplace and learn more.

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