Reveal updates: February 2024


Welcome to the February 2024 edition of Reveal updates. This month we talk about the new Fleetyr integration, Integrated Video CSV reports and our new seat belt unfastened video classifications. Read on to find out more.


Recently released

Fleetyr integration

Our new integration with Fleetyr allows you to connect with over 70 fleet and mobility related software and hardware products. Click below to visit the Marketplace to learn more.


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Coming soon

Integrated Video CSV export

You will soon be able to download video data in CSV format to import into 3rd party systems for further analysis.


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Seat belt unfastened classifications

When an unfastened seat belt is identified on a driver, the event will now be classified as "Moderate" when the vehicle is traveling between 10-80 km/h and "Major" for anything 80 km/h.


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