Reveal updates: March 2024


Welcome to the March 2024 edition of Reveal updates. This month we talk about our new Equipment Asset Trackers, Utilisation Report updates and more. Read on to find out more details.


Recently released

New Equipment Asset Trackers now available

We are excited to announce our new Equipment Asset Trackers (EAT) are now available in Europe. The new trackers include many benefits such as a long life battery*, small profile and multiple ping options. There are 2 device types: EAT for assets with their own power source and EAT-B for assets without a power source. These are available for new customers or existing customers looking to add more devices to their fleet. (There is no need to swap your current devices.)

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Unutilised vehicle data added to Utilisation report

The Utilisation report lets you easily identify which vehicles and powered assets are being used and how often. The report includes metrics such as who was driving the vehicle, distance driven, idle time, movement duration, engine-on time and power-takeoff (PTO) time. Up until now, the Utilisation report only showed data on a vehicle if it was used. We are now adding data on unutilised vehicles and powered assets into the report. This new data will appear in conjunction with the information on vehicles and powered assets that were used during the report’s time period.

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Verizon Connect wins autoXreport Innovator Award for EV Suitability Tool

We’re excited to announce that Verizon Connect’s EV Suitability Tool has won the EV Fleet Management Innovator category of the 2nd annual 2024 autoXreport Innovator Awards, presented by Compass Intelligence, a global market research and advisory tech firm. The 2024 autoXreport Innovator Awards honor the most innovative companies in autonomous, electric, fleets, driver/vehicle technology, and automotive innovation across the world. Winning the autoXreport award is a strong sign of Verizon Connect's resolute commitment to being a leading innovator in the fleet management space and to sustainability.

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In case you missed it (ICYMI)

Seat belt unfastened classifications

You can now download video data in CSV format to import into 3rd party systems for further analysis. Simply use the EXPORT CSV button on the Video Events tab to download video event details to your computer.

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Seat belt unfastened classifications

The cloud AI classifies videos as Critical, Major, Moderate, or Minor to indicate how urgently you should watch them. When an event is triggered, this is reviewed by the cloud AI. The cloud AI analyzes the event and detects other events. Then a classification is applied. Now, when an unfastened seat belt is identified on a driver, the event will now be classified as "Moderate" when the vehicle is traveling between 6-50 mph and "Major" for anything 50 mph.

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*Battery life is estimated for use under optimal conditions. Factors such as low network signal strength, obstacles and temperature can reduce battery life.

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