Accessing Job Alerts

In the Scheduler tab in Reveal, you can view job alerts.
Job alerts display real-time updates so you can monitor the status of your jobs and see if technicians are delayed or have not read a dispatched job.
Alerts are enabled by default. You can disable or customise alerts in Account Settings in Reveal.

Read more in this guide on how to change job alerts.

View job alerts

  • Click on the Scheduler tab in Reveal to see job alerts. If there are new alerts, the alert bell icon displays a red badge.
  • If the new alert is a Tech delay alert, a red pill also displays below the alert bell.
  • If there are no new alerts, the alert bell icon displays without the red badge.  

Job alert types

The Job alerts panel displays two types of alert:

  • Technician delay: You receive this alert if a technician's expected arrival time is 15 minutes later than the job start time.
  • Job not read: You receive this alert if a technician has not read a dispatched job within 15 minutes* of receiving the job on their mobile device.

15 minutes is the default setting. You can change this in Settings.

Job alerts panel

The Job alerts panel displays all active job alerts.

  • To access the Job alerts panel, click the alert bell icon. Jobs are displayed in order, from the newest to the oldest.
  • To dismiss a job alert and remove it from the Job alerts panel, hover over the job card and click X.
  • To reschedule a job, or assign a job to another technician, click EDIT JOB.

Alerts are only displayed in the Job alerts panel: alerts are not sent by text or email.


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