Edit job alert settings

Settings tab

In Reveal Field, the Job alerts panel displays two types of alert:

  • Technician delay: Receive this alert if a technician's expected arrival time is 15 minutes later than the job start time. This alert is sent once.
  • Job not read: Receive this alert when a technician has not read a dispatched job within 15 minutes of receiving the job on their mobile device.
  • Job review: Receive this alert when a job review is received with a star rating of your setting.

Edit job alert settings

Note: You may need to request access to job alerts from your administrator. By default, job delay and job not read alerts are enabled. To edit the alert settings, follow these steps:

  1. In Scheduler, click the cog icon to get to Settings.
  2. Choose Account settings > Job alerts.
  3. To change how soon an alert is triggered for technician delay and job not read, open the drop-down and select a time. For job review, select from the drop-down to choose your star rating.
  4. To disable an alert, clear the checkbox under the relevant alert type. To apply the changes, click SAVE.



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