Alert Policies

Alert policies

The rules for any alert can be set so that you, your drivers, Reveal users, administrators or even non-users of Reveal can be notified when an incident occurs involving a vehicle, driver or group of vehicles and drivers.

Setting the rules for that notification is known as creating an Alert Policy.

Open Alerts from the main menu in Reveal. You will arrive at the Overview tab. You also see an Alert Log tab, and a Policies tab. You can create an alert policy from any of these tabs, using the CREATE ALERTS button.


Alert policy list

Each Alert Policy created is then listed under Policies. Policies are shown for all vehicles and drivers.

If you want to see a list of alert polices for specific vehicles or drivers, select them from the dropdown.

In the list of columns, the heading Policy is the name of the alert. You can see the alert type, the status (enabled or not) and the time it was last triggered.

From the list, you can edit or delete an alert policy.

Deleting an alert policy will also delete its entire alert history. If you do not want to lose the entire history, you can edit the alert notification set-up, or disable the alert from the edit function.

Show alerts for users I manage is an option for administrators who are managing users within Reveal. Users can be drivers, or other administrators, or people who do not use Reveal but receive alerts for certain events. If you are an administrator and you select Show alerts for users I manage, you will see all the policies created on the account for all users that you manage.

You can download the full list of alerts using the download button.

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