Using the Live Map

The Live Map can be viewed in various ways.

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Navigating the Live Map

With a mouse, move the map by holding down the left mouse button and dragging.
Zoom in and out using the mouse click-wheel, or using the + and - symbols at the bottom right of the map.

With a trackpad, on the map use two fingers to zoom in or out, and a combination of trackpad and buttons to move the map.

Double-click on a map location to zoom in there, with a mouse or a trackpad.

Right-clicking on a vehicle opens the Vehicle Actions Menu. Right-clicking on the map opens a similar menu, but without the vehicle specific options.

Vehicles on the map

After you select vehicles to show from the Fleet selection tab, the location of each vehicle (or driver in a vehicle) in your fleet should be visible on the map, with an icon showing the current status of each.

Hover over a vehicle from the vehicle status list and its position on the live map will be highlighted with a blue circle.


If a vehicle is out of view when you do this, an indicator will appear at the edge of the map, showing where you can navigate to on the map to see the vehicle.

If you do not see all your vehicles, check that you have selected Entire Fleet in the Fleet selection tab. If you still do not see all your vehicles, contact Customer Care & User Support.


If you have a large fleet of more than 500 vehicles and assets (up to 2,500), and several of your vehicles and/or assets are near one another, a black cluster icon is shown representing this grouping. A number on each cluster icon indicates how many vehicles and/or assets are contained in that cluster. Turn clustering on or off in Map Options.


The Search icon is located at the top of the map, beside the fleet selection and status panel.

Enter at least 3 characters of a full or partial address, a vehicle, or driver name, and hit Return on your keyboard. A list of search results will appear. Click a result to zoom to that location on the map.

Fit to Map

If you have zoomed in or out on the map, you may not be able to see your entire fleet at once. Use Fit to Map to show your entire fleet immediately on the map.

Fit to Map is an option that appears on the screen when you move the map, and is also always available from the icon, in the bottom right of the map.

Street View

The Street View icon is found at the bottom right of the map. Use it to see a Google street view image of a particular street.

To use Street View, select and drag the orange man to the location that you would like to view. Your map will change to a photographic image.

Street view is also available from each vehicle actions menu, in locations where street view is an option. Right-click a vehicle to open the menu.

In addition, you can open street view by right-clicking on the map, if you are zoomed in enough.

To close Street View, use the X icon.

Not all streets have Street View available. Drag the street view "orange man" icon over the map - if you see a blue dot or coloured road, Street View is available.

Map / Satellite view

Switching to satellite view gives you an aerial view of a location. This is not a live image, but can show you much more detail of a location and help you understand the terrain your vehicles are in. Vehicle status icons will be overlaid on the satellite view, as with the normal map view.

Switch to Satellite view from the bottom right corner of the map, or from the Map Options menu.

Driver Dispatch

Driver Dispatch allows you to create stops on the Live Map and assign drivers to those stops, as part of a Work Order. Driver Dispatch works in conjunction with the Reveal Driver App.

Open Driver Dispatch using this icon


Text View

The Text View option opens an alphabetical list of the vehicles selected to display on your map, with an expanded view of relevant information per vehicle, updated in real time. This is very useful if your fleet is larger than six, as you can see more information at once.

Open text view using the icon at the top right of the map


You can sort the table to see details of your fleet more easily, using the arrows at the top of each table column.

Map Options

Enter Map Options from the top right of the map, using this icon

This menu gives you access to many useful features of the Live Map.

Full Screen

The Full Screen option allows you to see more of the map, by quickly collapsing the fleet selection and status panel, as well as hiding the top menu of Reveal.

Enter Full Screen using the Map Options icon at the top right of the map.

Exit Full Screen using the same icon.

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