Exceeding the posted speed limit

The cloud AI detects when a vehicle travels faster than the road’s sign posted speed limit and tags a video with Posted speed exceeded.

Videos show the vehicle’s speed and the road's speed limit in the bottom left-hand corner. These change to red when the vehicle is travelling faster than the speed limit.

Note: The road speed limit is not available for downloaded videos or videos that are requested from an SD card.


The cloud AI and vehicle tracker both detect speeding, but in different ways:

  • The cloud AI detects road speed limits exceeded during post-event analysis, which happens after a video is triggered by unsafe driving behaviour. This displays as a Posted speed exceeded tag alongside a video.
  • The tracker detects the vehicle speed in real time and compares it with the speeding violations you specify in Reveal. This displays in the speeding report.

Speed graph

The speed graph below a video shows how fast the vehicle was travelling before, during, and after the harsh driving event. This helps you to understand why the video recording was triggered.

Speed and time duration

en-ie, en-au & en-nz.png

A. Vehicle speed. This is in mph or km/h depending on your regional settings.

B. Posted speed limit.

C. Vehicle speed and time duration of the video recording.

D. Classification colour. Green, yellow, orange, or red represent the driving event that led to the Minor, Moderate, Major, or Critical classification level.

E. Key points in the event. Hover for more details.

Note: Speeding does not impact how videos are classified.

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