Allow access to Integrated Video

If users are unable to see the Video tab, the issue is most likely to do with role permissions.

When Integrated Video is purchased, permissions are enabled automatically for admins. However, permissions for custom roles must be set up manually.

To set up Integrated Video permissions for a custom role, an admin must complete the following steps:

  1. Click the account icon in the upper right corner of Reveal and select Admin.

  2. In the Users and Roles section, select Manage Roles and Permissions

  3. From the Choose a role drop-down menu, select the custom role.

  4. Locate the Video Experience section and assign the appropriate permission by selecting either the View Only or Full Access radio button.

  5. Click Save.

Manage video alerts

A video alert policy is created and enabled by default until the policy admin user - usually a person in your organisation who has been using Reveal the longest - updates the policy.

To make sure the right people are notified about videos of unsafe driving behaviour, the admin can give you permissions to update an alerts policy.

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