Set up video alerts

Video alerts notify you when an incident has been recorded on video.

Go to the Alerts tab in Reveal to set up alert notifications. This allows you to configure an alert for a specific type of event.


Existing alerts are shown in the Alerts > My alerts tab.


Video alerts are independent of harsh driving alerts. This means that if you have both harsh driving alerts and video alerts set up, you will receive two notifications for the same incident.

To set up alerts for a video recording:

  1. Select CREATE ALERT.

  2. In Alert type select Video Alert.

  3. Enter a descriptive Alert name.

  4. To flag as important in your email inbox, select the High Priority checkbox.

  5. Decide if you want to receive alerts for your entire fleet, vehicles, drivers, or groups of drivers and vehicles. You can only set up video alerts for vehicles with cameras installed. Then select CONTINUE.

  6. Choose the time range and frequency of the alerts you want to receive. Then select NEXT: ALERT RECIPIENTS

  7. Choose who will receive the video alerts and how they will receive them. The following delivery options are available:

    • Display will show the alert within Reveal, as a pop-up notification.

    • Email recipients will get an email about the incident.

    A copy of the alert will be emailed to the driver by checking the box in Delivery Options.

  8. When you have made your selections, choose Save.

  9. Review your video alert settings and edit if required. Use the toggle to enable or disable the alert.

Your new video alert details now appear in the My alerts tab. You can manage your existing alerts on this page.

How to avoid duplicate alerts

To avoid receiving a harsh driving alert and a video alert for the same event, remove video-enabled vehicles from harsh driving alerts.

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