Live Map troubleshooting

Can't see your vehicles on Live Map? Find solutions to this and other common problems below.

Select your vehicles

If you cannot see a vehicle on Live Map, make sure the vehicle is selected for display. To do this, go to the Fleet selection tab on the left of the Live Map and open the drop-down menu for your fleet and select the vehicles you want to see.

If you have a very large fleet and have set up Groups, some vehicles may be excluded from the selection even when you choose Entire Fleet.
This happens when the entire fleet is too big to show on the map.

Re-size the map to show your entire fleet using the Fit to Map button.

Check permissions of Reveal account

Do you have permission to see all vehicles? Users and Admins have different roles and permissions within Reveal.

If you are a User in Reveal, ask an Admin to check your profile in Admin > User List.
Do you have permission to view only certain vehicles within certain groups, and what role have you been given in Reveal?

Unhide vehicles

A vehicle can be hidden from display on Live Map.

To display the vehicle, in the Admin section of Reveal edit the vehicle and deselect Hide from vehicle selections in the Details tab of the vehicle profile.

Check vehicle groups

Groups are a way of organising your vehicles, drivers, assets, and users, so they are more easily manageable and can be displayed together.
A vehicle may be placed into a group which you do not have access to.
Contact the Reveal Admin within your company to change your permissions so you can view that group (or edit the group).

Check vehicle names

Ensure you know the name entered into Reveal for the vehicle - perhaps the name being displayed is not what you were expecting to find?
If you are an Admin on Reveal, you can edit the names of drivers and vehicles.

Note: When tracking units are first installed, vehicle names will show as tracking unit numbers.
These will change to registration numbers after 24 hours. Re-name your vehicles to make them easier to recognise.
The list will be displayed in alphabetical order.

Refresh Live Map

Live Map does automatically refresh itself. However, to display changes to a vehicle profile, you may need a manual refresh of the page.

Clear browser cache and cookies

Clear your browser cache and cookies - this can be an issue, especially with Internet Explorer.
We recommend you use the latest version of Google Chrome with Reveal.

Tracking unit installation

A Verizon Connect vehicle tracking unit must be installed and in GPS communication with Reveal for a vehicle to be shown on Live Map.

Obstruction of GPS signal

If a vehicle is in a location with poor signal, you will need to wait until it has moved back to a better location to see it on the map.

Check a vehicle's signal in the vehicle status tab.

If you are using a Reveal mobile app, close it and check again or open Reveal from a web browser on your mobile device.

Icons and map options

For a full list of icons and their explanations in Reveal, visit Map Options from Live Map and find the icon legend link at the bottom of the panel.

Icon clustering is controlled from Map Options.

Clustering means that your vehicles will be grouped together on Live Map, when they are close to each other.

The display of Vehicle labels is also controlled from Map Options.

Labels are the "bubbles" that appear beside each vehicle on the map, showing vehicle and driver name.

Towing status

If the status of a vehicle in your fleet has changed to Towing, but you think this is not accurate, troubleshoot the Towing status.

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