Create a job

With Scheduler, you can create, assign, and dispatch jobs to technicians. The smart recommendations* feature helps you find the most suitable technician for the job based on their availability and travel time, their skills, or their current vehicle location.

To create a job:

  1. In Scheduler, click CREATE JOB. Alternatively, in the Day view, use click and drag to create a job. Once you click CREATE JOB, a job ID is assigned to the job you are creating. The job ID displays in the New job panel. To change or customise the job ID, follow these rules:
    • Job IDs must be 15 characters or less and have no spaces
    • They may include letters, numbers, and these symbols: @ # * - _ & ( ) / \ $ € £
  2. To use an existing job ID, click LINK TO AN EXISTING JOB ID and either search for an existing one or choose from the list of most recently created job IDs.

  3. In Contact Details, search for a contact. If you clicked LINK TO AN EXISTING JOB ID, the contact details for that job ID will show automatically. Alternatively, to create a new contact, click NEW CONTACT, fill in the contact details, and select SAVE CONTACT. Then, this new contact appears in the New Job panel.
  4. In the Job Details section, enter the job address and job to do.
  5. In the Appointment section, enter the following:
    • Date
    • Start time: If you want smart recommendations for technicians and a start time, leave this field empty. To get a technician recommendation only, just enter a start time.
    • Expected duration: You can create an appointment that lasts up to 3 days (72 hours). If you have a job that takes longer, schedule recurring appointments, or add follow-up appointments to the same Job ID.
      Technician recommendations are not available for recurring appointments.
  6. In the Technicians section, enter a technician name. Alternatively, choose GET SMART RECOMMENDATIONS, and Scheduler will suggest a list of technicians for your job. For more information see Smart recommendations overview.


  7. If you used the smart recommendations feature, you can filter the list of technicians based on the following options:
    • Available: Select the Available check box to see the names of technicians who are available to do the job at the specified time.
    • Skilled: Select the Skilled check box to see the names of technicians with the appropriate skills. The technician names will have been added in account settings. For more information see Add technicians’ skills.
    • Knows customer: Select the Knows customer check box to see the names of technicians who already know the customer.
  8. If you used the smart recommendations feature, you can sort the list of technicians based on the following options:
    • Travel time: Select “Travel time” to sort the list of technicians by travel time from their previous appointment to the customer location.
    • Availability: Select “Availability” to sort the list of technicians by their availability (that is, technicians who are not busy at other jobs) and the travel time to the job.
    • Unsorted: Select “Unsorted” to view the list in its default order.

      The status for each recommended technician is displayed on their tile. Statuses include “Busy”, “Available”, and “Off-duty”. See Understanding technician status labelsfor more information.
      The sorting component you have chosen is displayed above the list. For example, in the following screenshot, the list has been sorted by travel time:
      You will only see the "Travel time" and "Availability" options if your job is scheduled for today.
  9. Select your technician. To dispatch the job, select the Send job to technicians toggle. Click SAVE.

See Send a job alert to a technician for more information.

* The smart recommendations scheduling feature is not yet available for all users.



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