Requesting fuel card integration

  1. Click the initials on the top right of the page, and then Marketplace. The Partner Integrations page shows fuel providers available in your region.
  2. Select your fuel card provider.
  3. In the Request integration section, enter your fuel provider details.
    Note: If you don't know your account number, contact your fuel provider.
    (For information about the fuel card account number format, see the Fuel card ID table below.)
  4. Choose SEND REQUEST.

    Note: We are unable to validate account numbers. Please ensure that the account number you enter is correct.

  5. Choose CONTINUE.


You will be brought to the Integrations section of Admin, where you can add your cards in bulk using the IMPORT CARDS option, or you can add cards one by one using the ADD CARD option.


Provider account number format

Fuel Provider Fuel Provider Account number
Allstar 8-16 characters
AmeriFuel 1-4 digits
Applegreen 6 digits
Circle K 5-8 digits
Comdata 5 characters
Effectivale 6 digits, format 00000-0 (account ID-branch number)
FleetCor US and Canada 5 characters
FleetCor AUS/NZ 5 digits
Fuel Card Services 5-6 digits (UIN)
Fuelman 5-7 characters
Keyfuels 6 digits
The FuelCard Company 6 digits
UTA 6-10 digits


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