Send a job alert to a technician

When you assign a job to a technician from Reveal Field, you can send a job alert to the technician’s mobile device.
The alert tells them they were assigned a new job and it gives them the job details.
To receive the alert, the technician must install the Reveal Field Mobile App on their device.

  1. To send a job to a technician, go to the Scheduler tab in Reveal, and click CREATE JOB.
  2. In the NEW JOB panel, fill in the following required fields:
    Job ID
    Job Address
    Job To Do
  3. In the Appointment section, select a date, start time and expected duration.
  4. To add a technician, click the Technicians field and select a technician from the list.
    Once the appointment details are entered and a technician is selected, the Send job to technicians toggle switch appears.
  5. To enable the option, click the toggle switch.

    When you select this toggle and save the job, you will be able to see the location of the technician on Live Map
    (if you have assigned a vehicle to them).
  6. To finalise the job and send an alert to the technician, click SAVE.

If the technician does not read the job within 15 minutes*, you receive a Job not read notification in the Job alerts panel.


* 15 minutes is the default setting. It can be changed to 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

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