See vehicle status on Live Map

You can see the status of your vehicles on Live Map, in the Vehicle Status tab or in the vehicle balloon.

Vehicle Status tab

Vehicles you have chosen to show on the Live Map are displayed as a list in the Vehicle Status tab.

You see detailed information per vehicle in the vehicle status list.

Sort your vehicle status list to suit your needs. You may prefer to see the list arranged by Vehicle, Driver or Group, depending on how your fleet is organised and the type of work you do.

You can also sort the list by Status or Last Update, if you want to closely monitor the movements of your fleet.

Vehicle balloon

When you click the status icon of a vehicle on the map, the vehicle balloon opens.


The information shown in a balloon includes:

  • Vehicle name
  • Driver name - if there is a driver assigned to the vehicle
  • Speed of the vehicle, if it is moving
  • Amount of time vehicle has been in that status
  • Time of the last update, or the date, if the vehicle has been in that status for more than 24 hours
  • Location of the vehicle (address)

If the vehicle is an electric vehicle, you will see the EV.png icon next to the vehicle name. You can change the vehicle's fuel type on the Vehicle Information tab of the Edit Vehicle page.

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