How to create and edit Categories

What are Categories?

Categories are used to organize your Places more efficiently and help you to quickly find and identify Places.

For example, on the Places page you can filter the list to only view Places from a selected Category.

If you are running a Geofence Report in the Reports section, you can choose to only view results from a selected Category.

You can edit a Place and move it into a Category of your choice.

How to create a Category


To create a Category, follow these steps:

  1. From Places in the main navigation menu on Reveal, find the Categories tab.

  2. In the Category Name field, enter a name for your Category.

  3. Open the Icon list and select an icon. A Place added to this category will be marked with that icon when shown on the map.

  4. Open the Color list and select a color. On the map, this color highlights the perimeter area of the Place.

  5. Choose one of the following Category Types:

    Authorized: Places drivers are permitted to visit.

    UnAuthorised: Places drivers are not permitted to visit.

    Neutral: Places drivers are permitted to visit, but do not visit regularly.

  6. To finalize the creation of the Category and add it to the list, click Add.

How to edit Categories


The My Categories list displays all the categories in your account.

To edit a Category, in the My Categories list, click the pencil icon. You can change the Category Name, Icon, Color, and Type. To apply the changes, click Save.

To delete a Category, click the trash icon.


You cannot delete or rename default categories such as Uncategorized.

Setting default Categories in My Account

In My Account, you can change the default Suggested Geofence categories for Employee homes, Office locations, and Fuel sites.

Suggestions are based on factors such as the type of location and the hours of parking. You can review this data in the Metrics window.

Other Place types are automatically added to the Uncategorized category.


To change the default categories, follow these steps:

  1. From your Account Profile in the main navigation menu of Reveal, choose My Account, and go to Account Preferences General Options Categories.

  2. To view the categories, click Expand.

  3. To choose another category, open the drop-down list and select a category.

  4. To apply the changes, click Save.

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