Fleet Service

Clicking on the Fleet Service tab will take you to a vehicle focused section where:

  • You can see reminders of vehicle service plans
  • You can see the history of service plans
  • You can create, edit and manage service plans 
  • You can create a one-time vehicle maintenance record
  • You can review and upload individual fuel purchases

Note: to create, view or schedule reports on vehicle services, go to the Reports section > Vehicle Maintenance Report


Note: users with no direct access to vehicles, may see those vehicle names in the drop-down menus in the Fleet Service section. Selecting a vehicle does not mean the user can edit or review any of the vehicle's maintenance information. This is because they do not have direct access to that vehicle from their account.


1. Creating a New Service Plan

1.1 Click the Create a New Service Plan button under the Reminders section of Fleet Service.


1.2 Assign an icon to your plan - place the mouse over an icon to see what it represents - a label will display. Name the service plan (you can also give a description). Click Next.

Important: There is an icon labelled One Time Service. This is NOT the same as creating a one-time service in the History section.


1.3 Select the vehicles you want in the Service plan.


1.4 There are three Interval Types – Time Based, Engine Hours Based, or Distance Based.

Select the Interval Type for your service plan, when to remind you of the upcoming service, and when the service is due.

For the reminder value: set the number of days/hours of use, or the number of kilometres to elapse. Reaching one of these, whichever is first, the service reminder sends.

In the example below: After 2,900 Kilometres you will receive a reminder for your service. Your service interval for this plan is 3,000 Kilometres.

Click Next.


1.5 You can then edit the “Last Service Details” section. The default values will be the current date, or the current vehicle hours of use (in Reveal), or the current vehicle mileage (in Reveal).

You will need to update this information to reflect the date/hours of use, or mileage when the last service occurred. 


1.6 Select who you want to receive the service reminder.

You can receive the reminder via email (to the email address they use to log in), SMS (to the phone number set in their User profile), or displayed in the product.

You can send the reminder to additional email addresses. Drivers can receive a reminder for their vehicle via email or SMS.

Note: the options for driver reminders will only appear after ticking the "Send reminder to driver" box.

Click Review Reminder.


1.7 Review the service plan information. Click Create Reminder.



2. Receiving a Service Plan Reminder

Service reminder notifications can use other values e.g. Time Based, Engine Hours Based, Distance Based.

For example, if you add Distance and Engine Hours, both intervals will appear on the reminder. Both reminder values are evaluated, but only one will trigger and send an email.

Other reminder values entered, they will display in "Other Intervals".


Completing a Service Reminder

When a service is ready for completion, you can find the service plan under Reminders.

To complete the service, click the pencil icon to edit the reminder. Add the required information (service completion date, location, cost and odometer when serviced), and any other relevant details.

Then click Save.


3. History

The user has access to the Fleet Service History. This is the vehicle service records. By default, you view your records only.

Ticking "View all vehicles", Admins and Regional Admins can view the service records of all vehicles they can access.


4. Creating a One-Time Service Record

4.1. In the History section of Fleet Service, click the “Create One Time Service Record” button


4.2 Add the Vehicle Name by searching and selecting it. Add a Service Name for the plan.

Enter the service completion date, the service location (required field) and cost. You can then save the one-time service record.

Note: you must enter at least 3 characters of a vehicle name to search the vehicle list. The vehicle name must match one on the Vehicle list.

  • One-time service records can display in historical vehicle maintenance reports.
  • One-time service records for a vehicle, will be visible to any user with access to Fleet Service and that vehicle.


5. Manage Service Plans

Here you find the service plans created. You can make changes to those plans by clicking on the pencil (edit) icon. For example, adding vehicles, removing drivers, changing metrics etc. For Admin users, an extra option called "Show service plans from user I manage" will appear. If selected, all service plans created in the account will display for the admin user.


Daily Processing

  • Service Plans will be evaluated nightly
  • Service Plans will evaluate whether the owner still has access to the vehicle being triggered (through group access) when it is being processed.

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