Viewing Replays using Route Replay

Running Route Replay

Choose one of the following options to run the Route Replay window:


Live Map

In the Vehicle Selection list, select the vehicles/drivers you want to view.
In the Vehicle Status tab, select the three-dot icon beside the vehicle or driver you want to view and select View Replay.


Replay tab

In the Replay page, select the vehicles/drivers you want to view.
In the Vehicle column, click the Replay button next to a vehicle or driver.
To add more than one vehicle or driver, select the checkboxes and click the Replay button at the top.
You can select up to five vehicles/drivers to view in the replay window.



Some Report types, such as Daily Report, Speeding Report, and Harsh Driving Incident Report allow you to open Route Replay directly from the report.
If a replay is available, it displays in the results section of the report.
To open Route Replay, click the Replay link next to the event you want to view.



Route Replay interactions


Choose a 24-hour time frame to replay

The date and time show the beginning of the 24-hour time frame. To change the date, use the arrows to view the previous/next day.
Alternatively, to open the calendar, click the date. Use the arrows to view the previous/next month, then click the day you want to view.
To change the start time of the 24-hour period, open the time list and select a new time.


Time segments

The timeline displays one of the following segments each time the vehicle's status changes:

  • Travel: The vehicle was moving.
    You can view segment duration, distance traveled and alerts such as speeding violations and harsh driving.
    To view more information about an alert, hover your mouse pointer over the triangle icon.
  • Stop: The vehicle was stopped with the ignition off.
    You can view stop duration and the location of the vehicle.
  • Idle: The vehicle was stopped with the ignition on.
    You can view idle duration and the location of the vehicle.

    Note: Some events, such as speeding, will not display on the map if they are within the limits you have set in My Benchmarks or Account Preferences.


Options Menu

  • Follow: If you select this option, during playback, the vehicle icon stays in the centre of the map while the map scrolls.
    If unselected, the vehicle icon moves along the map and the map stays still.
  • Continuous playback: If you select this option, when you play the segment, playback continues through all remaining segments in the 24-hour period.
    If unselected, playback stops when the selected time segment finishes.
  • Optimal driving directions: Select this option to compare the route taken by your driver to the optimal route.
    When this option is selected, the optimal route icon displays next to the segment in the Timeline.
    To view the distance and duration of the optimal time, hover your mouse pointer over the icon.
    To view the optimal route on the map, click the time segment. The optimal route is shown by a blue line.

    Note: The optimal route is based on legacy traffic data and does not reflect traffic conditions at the time of the journey, or factors such as height or weight restrictions on certain roads. The optimal route displays on the map, even if the driver took this route.


Add to Map Menu

  • Suggested Geofences: Select this option to display suggested Geofences on the map.
    Suggested Geofences are locations that Reveal has identified as frequently visited by your vehicles.
    To view more information about the suggested location, click the Geofence icon.
  • Geofences: Select this option to display your saved Geofences (Places) on the map.
  • Work Orders: Select this option to display Work Order icons on the map.
  • Advanced Options: Select this option to view advanced options for Geofences, Garmin, and Work Orders.
    Geofences tab - use the checkboxes to select the Geofence Categories that you want to display on the map.
    Garmin tab- if you have a Garmin enabled account, you can select the Garmin stops that you want to display on the map.
    Work Orders tab - use the checkboxes to display Assigned/Unassigned Work Orders on the map. You can use the drop-down lists to select the Status and Type of Work Orders to display.


Icon Legend

Click Icon Legend to display a legend of icons for Replay Activity, Garmin Stops, and Places (Geofences and suggested Geofences).


Playback Controls

The playback area displays the following information and controls:

  • Time: This shows the time that the events occurred. The time updates as you view the replay.
  • Control arrows: Use the left and right arrows to skip to the beginning of the previous/next time segment.
    To replay a segment, click the green play button. Click this button again to pause the replay.
  • Speed: To change the playback speed, open the list and select a speed, from 1x (slowest) through 5x (fastest).
    The default speed is 3x.
  • Timeline: This shows the 24-hour time frame, the vehicle/driver name, and the time segments.
    An arrow indicates the current playback time.


Map Interactions

The map area displays the following icons and buttons:

  • Plus/Minus: Click the plus icon to zoom in for a closer view of the map.
    Click the minus icon to zoom out for a broader view. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Fit Map to Trips: Select this button to see all time segments for the 24-hour period on the map.
    To display only one segment, click the segment on the left. The map resizes to fit the segment to the map area.
  • Pegman (Google Street View icon): To change the map to Google Street View, drag the icon to the street you want to view.
    To return to the map view, click the X icon.
  • Map/Satellite: Select Map to view as a map (without photos). Select Satellite to display overhead photography.
  • Vehicle status icons: Status icons are displayed for the selected time segment.
    The Start icon marks the beginning of the journey.

    The Stop icon marks the end of the journey.

    While the vehicle is moving, a new status icon displays the GPS plot at regular intervals.
    Click the icon to view a pop-up with more information - such as address, speed, and idle time.
    You can use the links in the pop-up to create a Geofence or to open Google Street View to see where an event occurred.
    If there is an alert, such as speeding or harsh driving, the alert icon displays next to the vehicle status icon.

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