Activity report overview

Activity reports display details related to the activity of the drivers and vehicles in your fleet. Use these reports to find out information like: where your vehicles have been, how long and how far your vehicles have traveled, how much your vehicles’ activity has cost you, and how much your drivers have been speeding.

The reports available in this category are:

  • Cost analysis report - Breakdown of total daily costs, including driving time, time on site and wasted fuel.
  • Daily report - Breakdown of your vehicles' daily movement, including driving times, stop details, travel times, distance traveled, and idling times.
  • Detailed report - Breakdown of travel history, including vehicle location, engine-on times, idling times, driving times, and distance traveled.
  • Garmin stops report - Stop information for vehicles with Garmin devices.
  • Geofence report - How much time your vehicles spend at identified geofence locations.
  • Power disruption report - Where your vehicles lost power and could not be tracked.
  • Proximity report - When your drivers stopped close to each other, including when they reached locations and when there was overlap time.
  • Sensor report - Where and when your sensors have been used.
  • Speeding report - Speeding violations over specified speed limits.
  • Technician status report - How much time a technician spent on a job compared to what was estimated.
  • Travel and stops report - Complete history for vehicles over a specified time period, including locations, travel times, stop times, and idle times.
  • User activity report - List of all active users, including login statistics and reports run.
  • Vehicle maintenance report - Summary of service plans and maintenance history, based on Reveal’s Fleet Service tab.

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