Edit technician notifications

Technician notifications are updates sent to your technicians by text message and email.

There are three types of technician notifications:

  • Job dispatched: Sent when a job has been assigned to a technician.
  • Job rescheduled: Sent when the date or time of a job has been changed.
  • Job reassigned: Sent when a job has been removed from their schedule.

Set up notifications

Note: To view and set up notifications, you may need your administrator to enable permissions in Reveal.

To set up notifications:

  1. Click the Scheduler tab and then choose Settings (cog icon)
  2. Choose Email and text messages > Technicians.
  3. To change the status of notifications, select EDIT and then check the Enable box on the next page, or uncheck it to turn notifications off. When notifications are enabled, technicians who have the Reveal Field Mobile App will receive both a text message and an app notification to notify them about jobs.

Edit notification templates

The email template contains two fields: a subject line and email body. The text message template contains a message body field. Edit the suggested text in the templates to customize the notifications. You can also see a preview of the messages and send a test before you save them. Placeholders with more information can be added to the templates.

Email template editor


Text message template editor


Edit notification templates

To edit the notification templates:

    1. In Scheduler, choose Settings > Email and text messages > Technicians.
    2. To open a template, click EDIT.
    3. To enable notifications, check the Enable this for email and text checkbox.
    4. Edit the text by writing in the template editor. Changes you make will appear in the message preview box.
    5. To add a placeholder to the template, click INSERT PLACEHOLDER and select from the dropdown. When a notification is sent to the technician, it will include the information you added from the placeholder.

Note: You can add HTML tags to the body of the email. Changes will apply to the email received by the customer.

Send test emails and texts

To send a test notification:

  1. In the template editor, below the template, click Send Test.
  2. In the Send a test email pop-up, enter an email address and click SEND TEST.
  3. In the Send text message pop-up, enter a cell phone number and click SEND TEST.
  4. To undo your changes, click RESET TO DEFAULT.

Note: You can only send test notifications to one email address and one phone number.



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