Uploading Geofences

What are Places?

Places are key locations - such as your company's headquarters, distribution centers, employee's homes, and fuel stations - that you can create and mark with defined perimeters. You can monitor activity at those locations, and assign jobs to drivers based on their current location.


From the Upload Geofences page, administrators can upload up to 300 Geofences from an Excel spreadsheet. This helps you to migrate data from a third-party product, or from another Reveal account. When uploading a large amount of data, an error will occur if the data cannot be uploaded within 180 seconds after you click the Upload Selected button. If an error happens, you might need to split the data into smaller segments and then upload them separately.

Completing a template


If you need to prepare a file to upload, you can download a template with the required headings from the Upload Geofences page. To prepare a template, follow these steps:

  • To open the Upload Geofences page, choose Account Profile > Admin > Places > Upload Geofences.

  • To download a template, on the Choose File tab, click Download the Template. You can add Geofences to the template before uploading it to Reveal.

  • To fill out the template, open the file in Excel (or another spreadsheet editor) and complete the following fields for each Geofence:

    PlaceName*: Enter a name for the Geofence: this must be unique.

    Lat/Lng: Latitude and longitude gives the most accurate results. If you do not know the latitude/longitude, you can use an address instead.

    PlaceID: Enter ID to identify the Geofence in Reveal: this must be unique.

    Address: If you enter an address, the street, city, state and zip code are required. If you do not know the address, you can use the latitude/longitude instead.

    ContactEmail: If required, enter a contact email address for the Geofence.

    GeofenceSize*: Enter 0 for extra small, 1 for small, 2 for medium, or 3 for large.

    Category*: To add the Geofence to a category, enter the name of an existing category. If you want to make a new category, you must create it in Reveal before you upload the template.

    ShowInReports*: To show the Geofence in reports, enter True. To hide the Geofence, enter False.

    ShowOnMap*: To show the Geofence in maps, enter True. To hide the Geofence, enter False.

    ShapeType*: To create a circular Geofence, enter 2. To create a rectangular Geofence, enter 3.

    *Required field

Uploading multiple Geofences

To upload the template, follow these steps:

  1. On the Choose File tab, click Browse. Select the file to upload, then click Continue.

    Alternatively, to select a previously uploaded template, select a file from the Select a file drop-down list, then click Continue.

  2. On the Review Errors tab, any errors on the template are highlighted in red. To correct an error or add missing information, click the red box. Enter the required information, then click Continue.

  3. The Successful Rows tab shows all the Geofences that have passed validation and are ready to upload. If you do not want to upload a Geofence, clear the checkbox beside that Geofence.

  4. To add the Geofences to groups, select the Assign to the selected groups checkbox. Open the Groups selected drop-down list and select the groups you want to add the Geofences to.

  5. To complete the upload, click Upload Selected. On the results tab, a message confirms that the files were uploaded successfully.


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