Video alerts overview

Video alerts notify you when an incident, such as a harsh driving event or hard cornering has been recorded to video and available to watch.

A video alert policy is already set up so that you do not miss any recordings. You can edit this policy to suit your preferences. 

Video alerts and harsh driving alerts

Video alerts are independent of harsh driving alerts. 

A harsh driving alert notifies you of harsh driving incidents such as quick starts, harsh cornering, and hard braking during a selected time frame.

A video alert notifies you when a video of a harsh driving event is classified as a potential collision, dangerous, or harsh driving event.

The frequency of these alerts is not the same. You might expect a video to be generated for every harsh driving event, however, by default, you are only notified about the most severe: those classified as collisions, dangerous, or harsh driving. There are no video alert notifications for harsh driving events classified as low-risk events.

Also, you don’t receive harsh driving alerts for every harsh driving event. By default, you only receive these alerts when three events have occurred.

Depending on how your alert policies are set up, it is possible to retrieve both a harsh driving alert and a video alert for the same event.

Read our article about updating video alert policies.

Video alert notifications

If you have set your alerts to display, you will see an alert about a video recording pop up on your screen when you are logged into Reveal.


If you have chosen to receive notifications by email, follow the instructions in the email to see the video.


On mobile, alerts appear as pop-up messages on your device.


Follow the instructions in the notification to watch the video.


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