Video and Privacy Mode

When a vehicle is in Privacy Mode, the cameras in your vehicle (both road-facing and driver-facing cameras) remain on and video is recorded on to the internal SD card. Videos of harsh driving events, such as collisions or hard acceleration, are not shared to Reveal.

Furthermore, video footage recorded when a vehicle is in Privacy Mode cannot be previewed when using the Video on Demand feature.

If a vehicle is involved in a collision when in Privacy Mode, you can still request the video. However, the video is only made available to the legal authorities in the event of a serious incident or to exonerate a driver for any minor incidents.

To request a video, contact Customer Support and provide them with the vehicle name and the time of the incident. Customer Support will send you an email with a link to the video.

Videos can only be requested if they are still on the camera’s SD card. The SD card can store a maximum of 24 hours of video footage.

It is your responsibility to assure your drivers that their privacy is not being infringed upon. You must advise your drivers that videos recorded when in privacy mode may be downloaded and shared with the police or insurance companies and used as evidence at the company's discretion.

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