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This article describes how to install the LogBook mobile app, log in and out, unlock the app, and reset your password.

Install the app

  1. In the Google Play Store for Android devices or the iOS App Store for Apple devices, search for Reveal ELD LogBook.
  2. Select the Reveal ELD LogBook app and tap Install.
  3. Open the app.
  4. If asked, accept the permissions requested by the app. On the App info screen for LogBook, under App notifications, tap Permissions. In this section, turn on all permissions. Then return to the login screen for LogBook.

We recommend that you enable automatic updating of apps. This ensures that you always have the latest version of Reveal ELD LogBook. You can set this in the settings of the Play Store.

Log In

  1. Enter your username and password (provided by your administrator or manager).
  2. Tap Login.

The app stores your username for future logins, but you must enter your password each time.

If you have trouble logging in, see Troubleshoot login issues.

Log Out

  1. In the navigation bar in the lower part of the LogBook screen, tap More.
  2. Tap Log Out.

If you log out while On Duty, the app continues tracking your hours.

It is important that you set your status to Off Duty before logging out at the end of your shift.

Unlock the app

If you do not use the app for some time, the app locks. To unlock the app, enter your password and log in again.

To prevent the app from locking: From the navigation bar in LogBook, tap More, and then select Keep Me Logged In.

Reset your password

You cannot reset your own password. Ask your administrator or manager to reset your password in Reveal.

For more information, see Reset a driver's password in the ELD LogBook management in Reveal section.

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