Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need to change my status to Off Duty before I log out for the day?

Yes. If you log out while your status is set to On Duty, your on-duty time continues to accumulate. This may cause you to receive an unnecessary violation.

2. I forgot to change my status to Off Duty, and now my hours are incorrect. What can I do?

  1. In the navigation bar, select Logs, then select Events & Stops.
  2. Select the correct date.
  3. Select ADD to create a new status in the log for a day. If you already have time logged for that day, you will see ADD/EDIT on the button label.
  4. Change the details - add an Off Duty status to the logs for that day. If you have not driven your vehicle, add a new event to adjust the start or end of the status. If you have driven your vehicle, change the driving time to the Personal Use sub status. Any driving in this status will be represented as Off Duty.
  5. Select SAVE.

If you do not see Personal Use as an option, contact your admin. They must enable the special driving condition. For more information, see Enable Special Driving Conditions for a Driver.

Once the admin enables the special driving condition, you must refresh your app configuration, as described in Update the Central Configuration.

3. How does driving mode work?

Your HOS status changes automatically as follows:

  • From On Duty or Off Duty to Driving, if your vehicle is detected as moving at over 5 mph
  • From Driving to On Duty, if your vehicle is stationary for five minutes or more

The app alerts you to this change in status. If you do not respond, your status changes automatically to On Duty after one minute.

You can also leave driving mode manually by tapping On Duty.

4. Can I edit my own driving times?

You cannot change a status to Driving, reduce driving time, or delete a status from your logs.

It may be possible to change the time to Personal Use status (see FAQ 2. I forgot to change my status to Off Duty above).

5. Is it important to certify my logs daily?

Yes. You should certify your logs every day by tapping the Certify button on the top-right of the Logs screen.

If you edit a status for a day that has been certified, that day becomes uncertified automatically, and you must re-certify your logs.

If you make changes to a log you must enter a comment.

6. My admin cannot make changes to my log. What should I do?

Your admin can only make changes to a log for a date you have certified, so you must first certify the date.

Once your admin makes the changes, you must re-certify the date. You can find uncertified dates by selecting the alerts icon and then selecting Uncertified Logs.

7. Where can I find my uncertified logs?

All uncertified logs for the past 14 days can be found in the alerts section:

  1. Select the alert icon on the top right of your screen.
  2. Under Notifications, accept or reject any changes that have been made.
  3. Select Uncertified Logs and sign any outstanding logs.
  4. If any logs have been changed, you must enter a comment and then select Agree.

8. What should I do during a roadside inspection?

  1. On the Dashboard, select Logs.
  2. Select the inspection mode icon. The icon changes color to indicate that roadside inspection mode is active.
  3. The inspector must browse the current and previous seven days.
  4. Select the download icon to either print a PDF version or email/web transfer the HOS logs for the past 8 days.
  • To exit roadside inspection mode, select the inspection mode icon again.
  • Enter your password to exit.

9. I am having trouble connecting to my vehicle on my Android device. What should I do?

For how to connect to your vehicle, see Connect to a vehicle.

If the steps on that page do not help you to resolve your Bluetooth connection issue, call the Driver Line at 844-307-2867.

10. I did not receive or accept my cycle reset, and now my hours have not been reset. What can I do?

  1. On the Dashboard, select Logs.
  2. Select Events & Stops.
  3. Select the expand icon beside the event.
  4. Select Edit Event.
  5. Change the details as required. If you have not driven your vehicle, change your On Duty status to Off Duty and select Save. If you have driven your vehicle, change the driving time to the Personal Use sub status. Any driving in this status will be represented as Off Duty.
  6. Return to the dashboard and change your status to On Duty. The app prompts you to reset your cycle.
  7. Accept the cycle reset option to begin your new cycle.

11. My logs show inaccurate or missing information, or there are differences between what I see in my app and what my manager sees on their desktop. What happened?

It is possible that some of your log information failed to upload. You can check for this as follows:

  1. In the navigation bar, select More.
  2. Select App Diagnostic Data.
  3. Check Status Change uploads pending.

If you have pending data, check your device’s network connection. If your connection is working, wait a few moments and the pending data will begin to upload.

If you are missing log information, ensure that you have certified your logs (see FAQ 7. Where can I find my uncertified logs? above).

Finally, check your mobile device to ensure that you have at least 200mb of free storage on your device, and that you have the latest version of the Logbook app.

If the steps above do not resolve your issue, call the Driver line at 844-307-2867.

12. How do I add a co-driver?

For information on adding and switching between co-drivers, see Manage Co-Drivers.

To use your device while your co-driver is driving, select the People icon and log in. Your co-driver’s data is recorded in the background.


13. How do I check the Privacy Policy?

To check the privacy policy for Verizon Connect Reveal ELD Logbook:

  1. In the navigation bar, select More.
  2. Under Settings, find Privacy Policy and select LINK.

The privacy policy opens in your web browser.


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