Download driver files


Tachograph functionality is not supported in the US.

To download tacho files for a particular driver with information on manual entries and changes made to the original files from the in-cab tachograph device:

  1. From the Reveal navigation bar, choose Tacho.

  2. Select the Driver files tab.

  3. (Optional) Use the filter to narrow down the items in the list. You can search for a particular driver by name or select a start and end date to define a date range. Click FILTER to apply the selected settings.

  4. Click the VIEW button next to the driver file that you want to download. The file is for the date range defined in the filter above.

  5. Tacho driver files are downloaded automatically from the tacho device every 7 days. To download the latest driver file to your computer, click SAVE next to the file with the most recent date and time in the list.

To manually download the tacho driver file from the tacho device at any time, click DOWNLOAD NEW TACHO FILE. This downloads the tacho driver file from the vehicle to the server. Make sure that the vehicle’s ignition is on and the driver’s digital driver card is inserted. Otherwise, the download will fail. After approximately 15 to 30 minutes, you can download the driver file to your computer by clicking SAVE next to the new file.

To download a ZIP file of all tacho driver files for the currently selected filters, click SAVE FILTERED FILES in the upper right corner.

Use the File Extension drop-down list to select the file extension that you want to download.

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