Let customers know when a technician is due to arrive

Customers can receive a notification letting them know when a technician is due to arrive at their job. The notification, which is sent by email and text message, will include an estimated time of arrival (ETA), or a status update letting them know that their technician will arrive ‘soon’.

For this notification to be sent, a technician must update their status to On my Way using the mobile app.

Assigned vehicle

If a technician has a vehicle assigned to them, an ETA with a time will be sent to the customer in the notification. For example: “Your technician is expected to arrive at 2:30 PM.”

No assigned vehicle

If a technician does not have a vehicle assigned to them, the customer will not receive an ETA with time. Instead, they will be informed that the technician will arrive “soon.”

More than one technician

If there is more than one technician going to a job, the notification will be sent from the first technician to update their status to On My Way. An On my Way notification is only sent once and this notification is disabled by default.

Note: You will only be able to enable this notification if you have upgraded from the basic Reveal Field package to the plus package.

Enable the On My Way notification

  1. In Reveal, click the Scheduler tab and then click the Settings icon

  2. Click Email and text messages > Customers.

  3. Beside Technician on the way, click EDIT and then, on the next page, check the Enable email and text message box.

  4. Click Save & Close

Note: When notifications are enabled, customers receive both a text and an email.

ETA placeholder

Once you’ve enabled the Technician on the way notification, a new placeholder will appear in the Technician on the way email and text message template. The placeholder looks like this:




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