Communicate when a technician is delayed

Technician delay notifications

With Reveal Field, customer contacts can receive notifications letting them know when a technician is delayed arriving at a job. The notifications, which are sent by email and text message, include an estimated time of arrival (ETA), or a status update letting them know that their technician will arrive ‘soon’.

When a technician is delayed arriving at a job, you will receive a notification in the Job alerts panel (bell icon). Click this to see the details of the delay. In the alert, you will be given the option to NOTIFY CONTACT. Click this to send an email and text message to your customer contact to let them know about the delay. Where possible, a new estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the technician will also be included in the notification.

When the customer has been notified, a tag saying ‘Contact notified’ appears on the alert.

Note: Technicians must use the Reveal Field mobile app to update their status to On my Way for the notifications to be sent.

Technician delay notifications are enabled by default. If you choose to disable them (as per step 4 below), you will not have the option to NOTIFY CONTACT on the job alert. Instead, you will be given the option to EDIT JOB.

Sending a customer contact an ETA with a time

If a technician has a vehicle assigned to them, an ETA with a time will be sent to the customer in the notification. For example: “Your technician is expected to arrive at 2:30 PM.”

Sending a customer contact an ETA with no time

If a technician does not have a vehicle assigned to them, the customer contact will not receive an ETA with time. Instead, they will be informed that the technician will arrive “soon.”

More than one technician on a job

If there is more than one technician going to a job, the ETA notification will be sent from the first technician that updated their status to On My Way.

Edit the technician delay notifications your contacts’ receive

Customize the notifications sent to your customers when a technician is delayed by doing the following:

  1. In Reveal, click the Scheduler tab and then click the settings cog.

  2. Click Email and text messages > Customers.

  3. Beside Technician delayed, click EDIT.

  4. From the next page, you can disable the notifications by un-checking the box with Enable email and text message. You can also edit the text of the messages from here.

  5. Click Save & Close

Note: You will only be able to use technician delay notifications if you have upgraded from the Basic Reveal Field package to the Reveal Field Plus package.

For more, read this article on how to communicate when a technician is on the way.


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