Reveal Spotlight overview

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Verizon Connect® Reveal Spotlight™ is a powerful yet easy-to-use fleet management app, designed to keep you informed of your fleet's activities at all times. It's perfect for fleet managers and supervisors who want to monitor vehicles, assets, and the activity of their mobile workforce while on the go.

Reveal Spotlight works as an app on Apple (iOS) and Android devices, and it provides you with easy access to key information about your fleet. Its features include:

  • Maps showing the current location and status of your drivers, vehicles, and assets
  • Vehicle and driver statuses and alert histories
  • Near real-time alerting of key business metrics, such as safety and efficiency
  • Search options for locating drivers and vehicles

When you are ready to begin, follow the steps described in the quick start guide and then read the help for information about screens in this app and their functions, and the tasks you can perform with it.

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