Transfer videos from the SD card to a computer (dashcam model 2)

This article explains how to transfer videos from the SD card (memory card) in your Integrated Video camera (model 2) to your computer.

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Before you begin

You will need:

  • Key (provided with camera)
  • A computer with an integrated SD card reader or with an external SD card reader attached
  • Internet connection (to download the VZC player)

Remove the SD card from the camera

To remove the SD from the camera:

  1. Turn off the ignition of the vehicle that is connected to the camera.
  2. Unlock the security cover using the key provided with the camera.
  3. Press the current SD card to remove it from the camera.

Download the VZC Player

  1. Download the VZC player for Mac or Windows to your computer.
  2. Open the VZC Player.
    Note: It is not necessary to download the latest version of the player, so you can ignore the prompt to do so.

Find and play a video file

  1. Insert the SD card into the SD card reader attached to your computer.
    (It can take a few moments for the computer to recognize and display the contents of the SD card.)
  2. In the VZC player, click the folder icon.
  3. To find the file directory for the SD card, go to Media > normal > Date > Time.
    The SD card directory is organized as follows:
    • Folders are divided by date and time stamp for each file.
    • Each date is broken into hourly segments.
    • Each hour is broken into 10-minute intervals.
  4. To locate the video, go to the date and time of the video needed. 
    • Select the date.
    • Select the hour of the day (in 24-hour format).
    • Select the video (MDT) file. (Files are split into 10 minutes segments. For example, 08:00, 08:10, and so on.)
  1. Select the video file you want to view and click Open.
  2. Enter the password 1972 and click OK.
  3. To watch the video, click Play.

Save a video to use later

To save a video as an MP4 for later use:

  1. Click the video camera icon.

  2. Choose a location to save the file or save the file to the default location.
  3. Enter a file name or use the default name.
  4. To save the selected date and time range as an MP4 file, click Start.

Re-insert the SD card into the camera

  1. Once the video is successfully retrieved, remove the SD card from the SD card reader.
  2. Insert the SD card back into the SD slot on the camera.
  3. Replace the security cover and lock with the key.


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