Request videos with Video on Demand in the Integrated Video app

With Video on Demand, you can search cameras for videos that do not appear in the Event List. If the video is still on the camera's SD card, you can download a 40-second video.

If there is a driver camera in the vehicle, video from that camera will be Retrieved alongside video from the road camera.

To request a video with Video on Demand, follow these steps:

  1. In the app, on the Event List page, choose GET VIDEO.Get_Video_VOD_2.png
  2. Select the vehicle. If the camera status is ‘online’, you can search for videos. If the camera status is ‘offline’, you cannot continue your search. To get the camera online, turn the vehicle’s ignition on.
  3. Choose NEXT.Get_Video_VOD_1.png
  4. Select the date of the event and choose NEXT. A message confirms the time and date of the earliest available recording.Select_Date__VOD_3.png
  5. Select a time range and choose NEXT.Select_Time__VOD_3.png
  6. Swipe up to expand the timeline and locate the event.Timline_VOD5.png
  7. Choose PREVIEW VIDEO.
  8. On the Plot Preview screen, swipe left or right to move the required snapshots into the selector.Preview_VOD_7.png
  9. To watch the clip, tap Preview.
  10. When you have chosen a time range, click GET VIDEO. A message confirms that the video is on the way.
  11. In the confirmation message, choose BACK TO EVENT LIST to return the Event List, or choose REQUEST ANOTHER VIDEO to remain in the timeline and request another video.
  12. When the video is ready to watch, an email notification, a desktop alert, or a push notification is sent to your mobile device. Click the notification to go to the Event List.
    The requested video is added to the Event List with the Requested tag.

Can’t find videos in Video on Demand?

If you still can’t find the video you want, consider whether any of the following apply:

  • The camera may not be recording.
  • The camera may have been damaged during a collision.
  • A driver may have selected privacy mode to stop sharing camera and GPS tracking data with Reveal.
  • The SD card may be corrupted and need reformatting.
  • The SD card may have overwritten the footage, Depending on the card’s capacity, SD cards hold around 22 hours of footage (or ‘driving time’) which is then recorded over as usage continues.

If you suspect a collision has occurred and a video was not triggered in Reveal, download footage from your SD card as soon as possible.

Download SD card videos.

Replace camera SD cards.

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