Display of event locations in Logbook and Reveal

This article describes the format used to display the physical location of hours of service (HOS) events within Logbook and Reveal. The format displays the location in relation to the nearest significant town or city with a population greater than 5,000.

How are HOS event locations displayed?

The US ELD mandate requires that physical locations of HOS events be displayed in a specific format that describes the location’s distance to and direction from the nearest significant city or town. This formatting is designed to protect commercial privacy.

Instead of displaying the full address of a location (including street name and number), locations are displayed in the following format:

"11 mi NNE CA Boron" (for example)

Where can you see HOS event locations displayed?

You can see HOS event locations in the following places:

  • In Reveal and Logbook, when you expand the ELD event details.

  • In Logbook, when you are in Inspector mode and you are viewing an event.

  • In Reveal, when you run the Driver Log report.


What are significant towns and cities?

Significant towns and cities are those that have a population of more than 5,000. The list of significant towns and cities is currently being updated and includes both US and Canadian locations. ELD journeys made in Canada will be supported in future versions of Logbook.

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