Goodbye Reveal Locator, hello Spotlight!


App news:
We’re saying goodbye to the Reveal Locator app on March 15, 2021.


But don’t worry, all its features and more will be available on the Spotlight app. We built Spotlight to improve your Reveal mobile experience when you’re away from your desk.

By replacing your existing Reveal Locator app with Spotlight, you can:

  • View all your vehicles and assets on a live map
  • Replay routes taken by vehicle or driver
  • Receive alerts for harsh driving events
  • Get to where you want to be with fewer clicks

There’s no need to wait, download Spotlight for free on your mobile device and simply log in with your Reveal username and password.



Please note: The Locator app will no longer be updated. All new features and Bug fixes will take place in the Spotlight app.