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This article describes how to connect your Ford vehicle to Reveal and how to check your vehicle’s activation status.

One of the options for connecting your vehicle to Reveal for tracking purposes is to use the telematics solution that is built into the vehicle. Currently, this option is available for most Ford vehicles built since 2018. This article describes how to connect your Ford vehicle to Reveal.

Note: For information on other vehicle tracking options, see What types of vehicle tracking options are available?

The benefits of using built-in telematics include:

  • No vehicle downtime because no installation is required
  • Quick to set up and start using Reveal
  • Tamper proof

Connect your Ford vehicle to Reveal

Complete the following to connect your new Ford vehicle to Reveal:

  1. Follow the instructions in Get started with Reveal to set up your password and enter your vehicle details.
    If you have entered your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and you can select the option “Built-in telematics” under How to connect to Reveal, then your vehicle has built-in telematics installed. This means that you can continue with the following steps.
  2. Create an account with Ford Marketplace if you do not have one already.
  3. Sign into Ford Marketplace and provide consent for all vehicles that you want to connect to Reveal, selecting Verizon Connect as your service provider.
  4. Drive your vehicle for a few minutes so that they are activated.

If you have an existing Ford vehicle that you would like to connect to Reveal, contact Verizon Connect support.

For more information on Ford Marketplace, go to and sign in with your Ford account credentials.

View the activation status of your Ford vehicles

To check whether your Ford vehicles are connected to Reveal or still have outstanding tasks to complete, go to the Built-in telematics page in Reveal. This page shows the status of your Ford vehicle activation.

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