Access the help center from Logbook

This article describes how to access the help center from within the Logbook mobile app. The help center contains articles that describe how to perform tasks using the Logbook app and how to troubleshoot issues that you might encounter.

Drivers can access the help center from Logbook only if they have access to the internet and permission to access external websites.

To access the help center:

  1. From the navigation menu along the lower part of the Logbook screen, tap the More icon.

  2. Tap Help Center to get to the ELD Logbook landing page in the Help Center. Alternatively, tap Common Driver Issues to get directly to the help center article Most common driver issues.

  3. The help center opens in a new browser window. To return to Logbook, switch back to the app using the app switcher or the back button on your mobile device.

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