Help promote safe driving using Reveal’s telematics data

Monitoring driver behavior can help cut down on speeding events and save on related costs

Driving too fast can result in increased fuel consumption, higher insurance and extensive maintenance costs. The good news is that using Reveal’s telematics data to encourage your drivers to slow down can make a big difference financially. It can also improve your company’s reputation, help incentivize drivers to drive safer, and cut CO2 emissions.

Bill Howe Plumbing used Reveal to increase revenue and lower costs

Family-owned, San Diego based, Bill Howe Plumbing used Reveal data to help improve driver behavior. Doing so, helped them achieve: 

  • A 87% decrease in annual accidents (a reduction from 16 to 2)
  • Lower insurance costs 
  • A reduction in fuel consumption
  • More technicians on the road, leading to more revenue

Reveal's alerts and reports were key to this success. Managers used data from these tools to encourage safer, slower driving.



Reveal’s real-time speeding and harsh-driving alerts are sent to you and your driver, so you can act in the moment and call the driver, asking them to slow down.

Driving slower means there’s less chance of costly:

  • wear-and-tear 
  • accidents 
  • speeding fines. 

Let us walk you through how to set up speeding alerts, so you can start monitoring driver behavior in real-time.


Bill Howe Plumbing used reports to help them coach their drivers on safety scores. Reports can be run daily, weekly or monthly to provide valuable insights on different factors, including:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Speeding events
  • Harsh driving events 

This information can be used across many areas of the business, for example, to demonstrate a decrease in fuel costs and dangerous driving events to insurance companies. This may ultimately help reduce insurance premiums. 

Take our tour of how to get started with speeding reports.



The dashboard allows focus on fleet performance and provides comparisons against company standards and peers. Our dashboard translates activities, like those below, into metrics that you can use to help improve the success of your business.

  • Fuel purchased
  • Number of stops
  • Safety score
  • Speeding violations
  • Vehicle maintenance expense
  • Wasted fuel

To help you clearly see where speeding is costing your business, let us show you how to set up a speeding dashboard. 


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