Troubleshooting QuickBooks Online integration

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Integration failed
If nothing happens when you click START INTEGRATION, contact Reveal Support.

Integration won't connect
If nothing happens when you try to connect to QuickBooks Online in Reveal Marketplace by clicking CONNECT, this may be because:

  • There is a technical issue. Please contact Reveal Support.
  • You do not have the correct permission levels to access integrations. Speak to your system administrator about permissions.

Authentication failed
If you’re unable to authenticate your QuickBooks Online account. It may be because:

  • You don’t have permission in QuickBooks Online to set up integrations. Request permission from your system administrator. Alternatively, for support, contact QuickBooks support.
  • The email/user ID and/or password you entered for QuickBooks Online are invalid. Check your details and try to log in again.
  • The QuickBooks Online API has a technical issue. This will be resolved shortly. Check the status of the site on the systems dashboard.

Reveal Field Scheduler does not appear as a connected app in QuickBooks Online
The integration appears under the name Workato.

Connecting to multiple QuickBooks Online accounts from Reveal Field Scheduler
This is not something that we support at this time. The integration only allows you to connect with a single QuickBooks Online account.

Disconnecting Reveal Field Scheduler from QuickBooks Online
Go to Reveal Marketplace and click the DISCONNECT button.


Unable to create an invoice
If the integration was successful, and you are trying to create an invoice but the CREATE INVOICE button is no longer visible, go through the integration steps again. If this does not work, contact Reveal Support.

Invoices not displaying
If you can’t see the invoices that were submitted to QuickBooks Online when you open the job panel, and the integration was set up successfully, check if the invoices were created using a different QuickBooks Online account. Then, log in with the relevant account and try again.

Changing an invoice created in QuickBooks Online for the wrong customer
Contact QuickBooks support. We are unable to support issues that occur within QuickBooks Online.

Does Reveal Field Scheduler show the status of the invoice (paid, late, etc.)?
No. This is not something that we support at this time.

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