Hosting a driver coaching session


Your company is obligated to let drivers know what video data is captured about them. Share this article with your drivers so they know what information is generated by the camera, stored in Reveal, and what it is used for.

A coaching session enables a coach to discuss driving behaviours directly with a driver.

Video events marked as Coaching needed form the basis of a driver’s coaching session.

Host a coaching session to review a driver's driving habits, identify areas of improvement, and recognise safe driving.

The Coaching tab and coaching sessions are not available in the Integrated Video app.


It is important to assign drivers to vehicles for the coaching feature to be useful. Assignment ensures data consistency for evaluating driver performance.

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What is a coaching session?

A coaching session starts when the driver and coach are ready, and the coach selects COACH in the Video > Coaching tab.

Coaching sessions give you the opportunity to:

  • Discuss driving behaviours with a driver, alongside relevant video footage and event details

  • Review a driver's driving habits

  • Identify areas of improvement

  • Acknowledge safe driving, such as evasive maneuvers

  • View the retained record of each driver’s driving behaviour

  • Improve safe driving over time.


Drivers in vehicles fitted with AI Dashcams may show more driving events than drivers in vehicles fitted with a road-facing camera (model 2). This is because AI Dashcams can detect more behaviours using camera AI. Similarly, drivers in vehicles fitted with driver-facing cameras generate more events than those with only road-facing cameras.

When to host a coaching session

Host a coaching session when there are numerous video events to coach. Keep the following in mind:

  • A driver is less likely to recall and be able to discuss events that happened 3 months ago, compared with 1 month ago. Especially if they regularly complete many hours of driving.

  • Video footage expires after 90 days. After 90 days, the event details will be available to discuss, but not the footage. Therefore the event lacks full context.

  • The video event will eventually become unavailable. The length of time it is available depends on your company’s data retention plan.

If it is appropriate to do so, you can:

  • Use the EXPORT CSV button on the Video > Events tab to download video event details to your computer.

  • Download videos to your device if you want to view or share them after the 90 days is up.

  • Contact Support to upgrade your data retention plan.

How to access coaching features

Only admins and non-admins with the appropriate permissions can view the Video > Coaching tab. This is because it includes sensitive information about drivers. Once permissions are granted, go to the Video > Coaching tab and select COACH in the ACTION column.

How to host a coaching session


A. Events marked as Coaching needed to coach in Today’s session, starting with the most frequent, ending with a summary of the day's session.

B. Scroll video events corresponding to the selected behaviour in A.

C. View all the details for the selected video event.

D. Add a note to the session, if needed.

E. Select SKIP or MARK AS COACHED to proceed to the next steps in Today’s session.

  • SKIP: All the events in this step will be removed from the current session. You will be able to coach them later.

  • MARK AS COACHED: Each event’s coaching status will update to Coaching complete. You will no longer be able to change the coaching status.

F. Close the coaching session and RESUME later from the Coaching tab.

G. Review the details listed in the Coaching summary step and COMPLETE THE SESSION. The session details will be available to view in the Completed section of the Coaching tab.

How sessions are generated

A driver’s coaching session is generated when videos are marked as Coaching needed. This can be done by admins and non-admins.

To ensure that video data event is accurate, do the following:

How long data is available for

Data within Reveal, including coaching features, will eventually become unavailable. The length of time it is available depends on your company’s data retention plan.

Track the impact of coaching sessions


The Coaching complete icon video_coaching_icon_coaching_complete.png applies to events marked individually or as part of a coaching session (unless skipped). The icon highlights when the driving behaviours were addressed, so you can see behaviour trends over time and following completed coaching sessions.

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