How to view and edit Places

Places tab

In the Places tab, you can view and edit Places you have previously created, correct Geofences, and view Suggested Geofences.

  • Places: By default, the list displays all Places that you have created or categorised in your account, and suggested places.
  • Geofences to Correct: These are Geofences that you have created, but are not capturing any vehicle activity as vehicles are staying outside the Geofence.
    You can edit the Geofence to improve reporting. On the map, red dots show where vehicles are parking.
    You can expand the perimeter to include these areas and improve reporting.
  • New Suggested Geofences: This list displays Suggested Geofences from the previous Sunday and is updated weekly.
    Suggested Geofences are locations that Reveal has identified as frequently visited by your vehicles.
    These Places appear as Geofences (highlighted in red text), Alert options, and Live Map.
    Suggested Geofences stay in the list until you accept or delete them. Once you accept, edit, or save a Suggested Geofence, it is removed from the list of Suggested Geofences.
    Note: Click any of the boxes above to filter the list by that category.
  • Would you like to search for a place?: Click the link to reveal the search field. To search, type the name of the Place or the Place ID (not the address) and press Enter.


Places list

In the Places list, you can view, edit, and delete Places. By default, the list is organised by Total Visits, from the highest to the lowest.
The Place with the most visits is at the top of the list. You can change the display order of the results by clicking the column title.
For example, to order the list by city, click City.


Show visits for
Select a month to display data for in the Places list.


From the drop-down list, select a Place type to view only that type. The list refreshes automatically.


Show all Places
Click the button to show all the Places in your account. This is only accessible after you have selected a filter other than All Places.


Select Multiple Places

Use the check-boxes to select multiple Places. Once you select a checkbox, the following icons appear:

  • Assign Category: Assign a new category to all the selected Places.
  • Assign Groups: Add all the selected places to one or more Groups.
  • Delete: Delete all the selected Places.


Total Visits
Displays the total number of visits to the Place during the selected time frame.


Place Name
The name given to the Place when it was created. Suggested Geofences use part of the address as the name.


The category assigned to the Place when it was created. To view only Places from one category, open the Category drop-down list and select a Category.


The geographic address of the Place.

Accept Suggested Geofence
A tick icon is displayed next to Suggested Geofences.
To accept the suggestion and add the Place to your Geofences, click the tick icon.
You can also accept a suggestion in the Edit window by clicking Accept as Geofence.

Note: If you accept a Geofence in this way, it will keep the default name and stay in the Uncategorised category.
To categorise the Geofence and rename it, click the pencil icon to open the Create Geofence window.


Editing a Place, seeing Metrics

Click the pencil icon on a Place in the list to open the edit window.
In the Details tab, you can edit the Address, Group, Name, Category, and Description.
In the Advanced Options tab, you can edit Contact Name, Contact Phone Number, Place ID, and Shown on Map/Address.
In the map area, you can edit the shape and size of the perimeter.

You can also edit Places from some report types. In the reports, saved Places are show in green.
To edit the Place, click the green text. Then, in the popup window, click Edit.


You can use metrics to monitor how often drivers visit Places, how long they spend there, and the time taken and distance travelled to arrive at the Place.

Click the bar chart icon to open the Metrics window. Here, for the selected time frame, you can view:

  • Total Vehicles: The amount of different vehicles that have visited the Place.
  • Total Visits: The total number of visits to the Place by those vehicles.
  • Average Stop Duration: The average time spent by drivers at the Place.
  • Average Travel Duration: Average time spent travelling to the Place.
  • Average Distance Travelled: The average distance travelled to arrive at the Place.
  • Average Arrival Time: The average time drivers arrive at the Place.
  • Show Stops: Click to view a list of all stops made at the Place.
    For each stop, you can view the driver’s name, arrival time and date, the duration of the stop, distance travelled to arrive at the Place, and the time spent travelling to the place.
    To return to the map view, click Hide Stops.

Note: As metrics are updated daily, visits will not be displayed until the following day. Stops are ignition stops only. Idling stops are not included.


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