Reports overview

You can use reports to monitor fleet performance and driver behaviour. With many available report types, you can view detailed feedback on events such as idling time, speeding alerts, unauthorised stops, travel distances, and equipment use. You can also view payroll information and fuel consumption.

Information gathered in reports can help you identify patterns to:

  • Improve driver behaviour.
  • Increase the safety of drivers and vehicles.
  • Reduce costs and increase return on investment.
  • Optimize fleet performance.

You can print reports or download reports as a CSV or a PDF. You can also view reports on your mobile device.

If you are downloading a CSV file from Reveal, the language and region of your Reveal account must match your operating system. This will help to avoid issues opening the CSV file.

Run a report

In the Reports tab in Reveal, you can select the type of report you want to run. In the Vehicle/Driver Selection panel, you can choose vehicles, drivers, or groups to include in the report, and select a time frame. You can also customise the reports in the Report Options and Advanced Options panels. The available options vary depending on the type of report. Available reports vary depending on your account.

Schedule a recurring report

After you have generated a report, you can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Scheduled reports are automatically generated and emailed to your chosen recipients.

Favorite a report

You can create a list of favorite report types by clicking the star next to each report.


The list appears in Home > My favorites. Click on the yellow star to unfavorite the report and remove it from the list.

Find a report

Use the search bar in Home > Report list to search by report name or description.

Preview report metrics

Hover or tap on a report type's metrics icon to view the metrics you can expect to find within the report.


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