Reveal mobile apps

Verizon Connect Reveal has a number of related mobile applications. They allow you to access specific functionalities of Reveal, in a mobile-friendly format, on a phone or tablet.

Download the apps

You can download apps for iOS here or search the Apple App Store for Verizon Connect Reveal.

You can download apps for Android here or search the Google Play Store for Verizon Connect Reveal.

Reveal apps

  • Reveal Spotlight - Monitor vehicles, assets, and driver activity on the go. (iOS) (Android)
  • Reveal Manager - Run reports, create alerts, measure vehicle performance. (iOS) (Android)
  • Integrated Video - Install cameras and view recordings from your fleet. (iOS) (Android)
  • Reveal Field Service Dispatch - Manage field workers, jobs and customer notifications. (iOS) (Android)
  • Reveal Driver - View assigned and scheduled stops, find the best route to take with heavy load vehicles. (iOS) (Android)
  • Work - Dispatch jobs directly to the devices of workers in the field. (iOS) (Android)


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