Work order variance report

This report compares the driver reported time for the work order and the GPS vehicle on-site time, to the customer's expected work order estimations.

To run this report, see Run a report.


Report options

None available.


Advanced options

  • Include page break between drivers: Select this option to display each driver on a separate page.
  • Work Order Linkage Confidence Score: Select "Good and above", "Better and above", or "Best and above".
  • Stop filters:Choose to include Both Ignition Off and Idle Stops (the start and end of a stop is measured by vehicle movement) or Ignition Off Stops only (the start and end of a stop is measured from when the ignition is turned on and off).
  • Include time range: Select the hours you want to include in the report.
  • Region: Select your country. Report metrics such as distance and date are displayed in the format of the selected country.

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