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Verizon Connect lets you integrate your own partner accounts with Reveal. Once integrated, and depending on the partner type, you will receive activity data (such as shipping and dispatch information, and vehicle diagnostics) from that partner.

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How to add partner integrations

  1. Go to the navigation bar, select your account profile icon. From the drop-down menu, click Marketplace.
  2. In the Partner Integrations tab, scroll through all our partner offerings, filter partners by category, or search for a partner by name in the search box. Then, click the partner you want to integrate with Reveal.

    If you already have an account with this partner, click REQUEST INTEGRATION.

    If you don't have an account with this partner but would like to integrate with them, contact that partner directly or click the partner’s link on our marketplace. On the partner page, you will see if there are any charges that apply to this integration.
  3. Select the checkbox to confirm that you already have a partner account. Click NEXT.
  4. Review the Data Access Consent Form to understand how your data will be shared. Then, fill in your account details.
  5. To allow the partner access to your data, select the checkbox. Click NEXT.
  6. Review the integration details. To edit them, click EDIT DETAILS.
  7. To submit your integration request, click CONFIRM REQUEST. The integration request has been sent.

    If your integration is with a partner that does not have a monthly charge, you will receive an email with your integration user credentials.

    If your integration is with a partner that has a monthly charge, you will receive an email with a Docusign contract for you to sign. This can take a few days. To track the progress of this request go to Marketplace > Partner integrations > Partner name > REVIEW REQUEST.

If you see an option to SUBMIT ENDPOINTS, you are using a GPS webhook to integrate and must provide us with endpoints. These will be provided to you by the integration partner.

If you do not see the option to SUBMIT ENDPOINTS, there are no further actions for you to take.

How to submit endpoints

To submit endpoints, enter the following details when prompted:

  • Webhook endpoint URL
  • Username
  • Password


If you don't have your endpoint details, click SKIP. Once you have the details, you can return and submit the endpoints by following one of these paths:

Marketplace > Partner integrations > Partner name > SUBMIT ENDPOINTS


Reveal > Admin > Integrations > Select relevant partner > SUBMIT ENDPOINTS

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