Asset reports

Reveal offers a variety of reports to help you manage your assets. The report types that are available to you will vary depending on your account:

  • A utilization report gives you an overview of a vehicle or powered asset’s distance travelled while moving, idling time, engine-on time and power take-off time.
  • A daily report lets you view a complete travel history of your assets, including start / stop addresses, and stop durations.
  • A detailed report gives you a closer look at an asset’s history, including speed and distance travelled.
  • A geofence report provides a closer look at how much time an asset has spent at key locations.
  • A vehicle maintenance report gives you a detailed look at an asset’s maintenance schedule and completed repairs.
  • A power disruption report lets you see when an asset’s tracker has lost power, and for how long.
  • A sensor report gives you more information about power take-offs and the usage of onboard devices, like sweepers.

Currently, the only report types that apply to non-powered assets are the detailed report and the utilization report.

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