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This article explains how to add fuel cards to a fuel card provider account. Once done successfully, you will be able to see fuel card data in reports and on the dashboard.

A vehicle can have one or more fuel cards assigned to it, but a fuel card can only be assigned to one vehicle.

Add a fuel card

  1. Go to the navigation bar, select your account profile icon and from the drop-down menu, click Admin > Integrations > Integrations.

    Alternatively, (if your integration is set up) go to Admin > Marketplace > click the relevant fuel card provider > MANAGE INTEGRATIONS.
  2. To add fuel cards, go to the relevant fuel card provider account and click MANAGE.
  3. On the Fuel card provider’s page, you can view the accounts and fuel cards that are linked to that provider and see the status of your account integrations.
    To bulk import your fuel cards to all accounts, click GO TO IMPORT CARDS.
  4. To add fuel cards to an account, click MANAGE INTEGRATION.
  5. Click ADD CARDS.
    Enter the required fuel card number and vehicle details. For the fuel data showing from details, you can enter a date in the past, but you cannot enter a future date.
    If you choose not to enter a date, the current date is saved.
  6. Click DONE. To add another card, click ADD ANOTHER CARD.
  7. Click SUBMIT. You will see your added fuel card details on the fuel card provider’s account page.
  8. We cannot validate fuel card numbers or account details. View the status of the account integration on the fuel card providers page, or check fuel reports or your dashboard to see updated information.

    You can only view vehicles assigned to groups that you have access to.

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